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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Right Places, Right Time

Well, sometimes what we do is not like what we plans. So, i'm just realize this things :

- Right Places. 
Yes, i do believe with my God. He just the one who really knows the best what we need more than what we wants. That's why sometimes when you walking, you just go to the other directions. 
I kind a remember one of HIMYM episode (S04 E22) when Ted got stress because of his work and Robin said to him for get out from the house. So, he went to the baggles shop. But, the baggle shop which he usully went just closed and he know from Robin because he got a possioning food from that. So, he went to the other  baggle shop in other street. Then, he met Stella.  And then everything changes his life. He got the other job to be a proffesor.
Yeay, i'm just realize, that sometimes the best plan for you maybe is not the good for you. God knows and He really wants the perfect life for you.That's why sometimes what you plans, never can be true. 

- Right Time
Maybe, now your dreams not yet come true. But believe God have the best time for you.
Maybe, now you not yet meet your soulmate. But Believe God knows the right time for you.
Maybe, now you not yet got what you wants. But GOD knows.
So, every  time you take a breath, just said, God i believe in You. 
everytime you begin your day, just said, God i believe in Your way.

So, this is me. With this dress. A months ago, i sent this dress to my friends so she can sold it. But, it never sold and back to me. Then, i wear again, now i'm fallin in love with this simple dress! I really love it! :)

Don't think, and don't worry. If the time comes, you'll know what to do.

–Mrs. Incredible


Grace said...

What a simplistic yellow dress! You look so cute :)


styleroulette said...

Such a sweet dress!

style roulette

PS: would love to invite you to join my turban headband giveaway at my blog, if you haven't yet!

swellmayde said...

thanks for stopping by!

love the dress!! color looks great on you... nice touch with the belt! :)

take care, aimee
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