. Love Simple Green: Europe, I Love You!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Europe, I Love You!

Since a kid i always dream live in an apartment like this.

My life goes on. I'm dream and hope.

I believe, someday i will go there and live in there.

I want take a breath.

I want feel the air of that city.

Europe, I love you!

I'm dreaming about you almost everyday.

I still in love with Indonesia.

But everytime i'm just wanna leave.

And i always dream a new experience in some another place.

And Europe is the one.

Happy Friday Wish! :)


minnja said...

Great blog :))) I follow you now. If you like, please follow back, it would make me very happy :)))



Marisa Violeta said...

Europe is wonderful indeed :) I can't imagine myself living in anywhere else but here!