. Love Simple Green: Don't Let Me Fall

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't Let Me Fall

This is what i wrote in twitter last week :

nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! Got a plans is good but sometimes God have the greatest way for us! Because HE really know about you! 

Yes, i learned a lot from this life. Sometimes when you afraid from something, you must remember this " You'll Never Walk Alone."  Because it just happened in my life. Last day, i'm really scared for a new day, new week, and new month. But i always hears someone said to me " everything's okay." And that's true, i'm not scare anymore. 

So, today i realize this :
 when you scared, remember He never let you fall. 
when you felt lonely, remember You never alone.
when you begin a new day, remember to smile and pray.
Starting a new day with smile will be give you a good day.
why i can write this?
Because it happened to me!
And i believe, He said so too.

God never let you down or fall or make you walk alone! He has a promise!

That's why i always love to smile. Just like my photo. Btw, i'm just realize that i really love to take a potrait self photo or take a photo by myself and always smile. Because it can give me a great memory someday. :)

Thanks GOD! :)


PHILO said...

oh I love this dress!! It's simple but so chic!!!

♥♥♥ xoxox

Marella Ricketts said...

Cute outfit! and yup, you should always smile :)


jessica whitaker said...

You are such a fantastic young woman of God! I love your blog. Your outfit is pretty cute, too! Loving that dress. :)

Irene Wibowo said...

thank you Jessica! :)

Thanks Marella and philo..

i'm following your blogs now! yeay! :)