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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you love shoes? I do!

Hello Wednesday! So, today i want to show my shoes...
Look this!! :) Love it!!

I have 2 green shoes and 2 up wedges shoes. :)

This is my favorite shoes. I used them all the time. Later, i will show you how i mix this with my clothes.

This is my favorite wedges, from up. The owner is Diana Rikasari she's very creative and talented. She's a nice and a good friends of mine. Very inspired! :)

Thank you shoes! You make my day so colorful! :) 

This is my qoutes for today :

I love flat shoes and i like high heels. They are my good friends for all days.

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes. 
Oprah Winfrey 

To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes. The rest can work up from there. 
Sophia Bush 

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