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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night!

It's saturday night! Yeay!! :) 
I really feel blessed for this week. First, i got a new camera. In the same week, i won a ticket to Ideafest workshop and FGD expo 2011 . I went with my best friends. Here's the picture. 
 Don't forget to DREAM!! :)

I like this picture.. Really great right?

This is my best friends! I'm invited him to the workshop and the FGD expo.
But, we very disspointed. Because this year, there wasn't many a design stuff in this expo.
Lucky us, we can went for free. Thanks to Reader's Digest for make me win the quiz!! :)

And this is my saturday dress. how do you think? I really like the skirt. Because is green. :)

I used a unbranded skirt and clutch, Nine west heels.

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Spirit of Soul said...

blog baru y??salam kenal...
happy greenday..hehehe