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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#Random Tuesday

It's a Tuesday people. I woke up in early morning. Then, i went to the office. Thanks God, i got a bus at 7 AM. Not really crowded today, and i'm not met a annoyed people. Thanks God.

I want to show my work. Yes, i made this, the yellow one in FGD Expo last Friday. It's cute right?
It's called paper replika or paper craft. Am i right? 

This is my lovely bracelet ( the right hand). I got three of them from my sister and her friends. And the other hand is my good friend hands. Her name is Ratna. You can open her facebook here. She is my neighbor, but now she moved to Serpong.  I miss her. 

And the last photo, is me! I took this photo last week. When me and my friends have lunch at Plaza Semanggi, near our office. I bought the glass of tea. The big one that i hold. Really big right? Bigger than my face. It's delicious. 

That's my story today.

Oh, i will give you my piece of poetry that i wrote in twitter and mentioned to @syair_malam last night. Thanks for ReTweet my tweets. @syair_malam is an account from Indonesia, that we shared a short poetry in the night. Really fun. I like to wrote for them. And this is just a random thought about hope. :)

" Ku lihat setitik terang, layaknya lelap malam, ku rasakan rindu, sesaat ku berharap mendengar suaramu "

"I see a speck of bright, like the deep night, I feel the desire, for a moment I hope to hear from you "


Sara B. C. said...

Wow, what a huge tea jar! At first I thought it was beer :P



Irene Wibowo said...

yes they use a glass of beer for a tea. :)

Ariana said...

Maybe you could have a look at my blog and if you like I would love to do a guest post for you :)