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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#JustRealize : I really proud for that dream

Yeay! I really proud for my first book.This is the story when i launched my book. My book title is "Tangga" (Stairs). It's about a short story's.There are a hundred story and i wrote each of them only in 100 words. It's called a flash fiction. That's my passion about writing. I really like to wrote a short story.

This is my first picture. I took this photo last year.
I joined on "99 writers in 9days" from Nulisbuku events. (They publish my book for free)

So proud to hold this book! Thanks GOD! :)

This is when they print my book before became a real book. :)

 Me and my first buyer. He is my friends. Thanks for buy bro! 

This is a new design for my book.

Really proud! Yeay! You must buy it! Oh, you can buy in here . But my books is only sold in bahasa Indonesia. :) So sorry. :)

My book already launched last year and this is the best gift ever. Why? Because this book is my little dream which is come true. Finally, i met a lot of writers and blogger, because of the book. That's the dream.

Thanks to nulisbuku for publish my dream. :)

O yeay, i really wants re-design this book. I really make a new layout and new cover. Who can help me? ;p

So,this is the point about this post that i will never give up to reach my another think.I realize if this dream can come true, so it is really possible to make my another dream become true.


Don't give up! 
You should proud yourself! 
You deserve to have a dream and should proud about it!

" I love myself the way i am." -Penelope-

" I have a dream" - Weslife-


Sara B. C. said...

Wow, congratulations! You have a book published, that's awesome! Go on writing, I'm sure you have a promising future :)



Irene Wibowo said...

Thank you :)
Yes i will keep writing :)