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Monday, July 25, 2011

#JustRealize : The First time when i'm started blogging

I'm just realize, i started blogging in 2003 when Friendster booming at the first time. Yeah, it's been a long time ago. I still remember what i wrote in my first blog. About my ex-boyfriends,especially my first boyfriend in my last  grade at Junior high school. Is so silly and funny. So embarrased if i remember that. Then, i started wrote a poem. Because i really love wrote a poem. My poem always said about love and life. Yeay, i'm a thinker person.

Then funny thing was after i wrote in Friendster blog,  i knew about blogger. Then i started wrote in blogger. After that, i import all of my script to wordpress. Until now, i still blog in wordpress. Look this, my first script in wordpress (in 2007)! I wrote in bahasa. I still remember my friends told me to begun wrote in English. He said, practice make perfect! Yeay, he said in 2005. But i to scared to wrote in english. That's why my script always in Bahasa Indonesia.

This is my short story in 2011

Then in 2009 i wrote  in Facebook.

This is when i began wrote in kompasiana blog ( another blog in Indonesia)

And now, i'm back to write in Blogger.com! Yeay! i'm so happy! look my new design in my new blog!

I'm just realize now blogger more easy than wordpress to make a design. 

It's a long journey and a lot of memories i have about blogging. Until now, i still in love to write in my blog.  And i still have "that" dream that i build when i'm started to write. Hope next step in my life, "that" dream, my little dream, will come true. 

PS: Sorry if my english , my grammar, is not very good. I only ventured to write in english.

" More practice, More perfect"

Thanks my friends! :)

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