. Love Simple Green: Thanks to You

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks to You

I feel blessed for everything in my life.
Thanks, You created my self.
Now,maybe i still nothing.
But, i believe when i follow my dreams, my life will change.
Thanks, You created my family.
Now, they not perfect.
But, i believe they are the best thing in my life.
Thanks, You created my friends.
Now, maybe i don't have a very very best friends.
But, i do believe, someday my very very best friends will be my future husband.
And i do believe, they are a really good friends for me.
Thanks, to You.
Because You are the best i ever had.
Because You never let me to walk alone.
Because You are good all the time :)


ilpiccolomondodicri said...

Dear, your blog is amazing, it is so natural! I must show your log to my friend, she'll love you and all your green energy! :)
I'm proud to be your fourth follower via Bloglovin' and I hope you get more and more follower!

Irene Wibowo said...

thank you so much for visited my blog. :) I'm still new.. :) hope i can design more better than this..Thank you.. :)