. Love Simple Green: My First Day at " Love Simple Green"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Day at " Love Simple Green"

Wohhoo!! Yeay! This is my first post in my new blog! I will write in english on this blog. And of course, i will put my picture in this blog. Before that, i must buy a camera first. Please pray for me, so i can have a camera. And take a picture. Maybe i will show you my first picture. I took from my sister mac book ( Apple! Thanks sis :) And please don't judge me if my photo doesn't really good. I got inspired this from all fashion bloggers. Yes, i love read a fashion blogger such as like a selective potential (teekah)  , she is from Portland, green grass black clouds  ,she is from Portugal and my favorite is bow tie are cool  her name is Meg. Why i like her? because she is always take a picture with a skirt which is my favorite style.

Okay this is my first look. I'm so nervous to show you. 

Then, i will show you my dream. Yeay, this is a skech of a clothes. Really great right? I still learn how to draw like this. I'm dreaming to be a designer someday. I will show you my skecth. But not today. I will finishing first, then make a colour in my sketch. I got this when i googling a sketch picture

I love a flat shoes so much. I'm a little girl, who love flat shoes but still like a high heels. Look this shoes, o i really wants this shoes. I have 5 pair of flat shoes. And i have a green flat shoes to! Someday i will show you.

Okay, that's me. Hope you will enjoy my blog. Sorry, if my grammar is not really cool :) And i will learn how to design this blog become a nice blog. We see. :) And maybe you will see, many green in here, because  i really love green. Yeay! Thank you! :)

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