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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Morning Sunday

Morning Sunday! Today, i want to review  three looks that i really love. Yeay, i think they used this in a winter. Because Indonesia just have two season, so, i can't wear a winter clothes. But thats my dream. Someday, i will wear a winter clothes in Europe! Yeay! My dream. Okay, let's get started.

1. This is meg, from bow ties are cool with a red dress and she use a thights, and with a black sweater. Really simple. Yeay, i like a simple things like this :)

2. This is Teekah my another favorite blogger you can open this :selective pontential really simple rights? i like the black shoes, it's great. :) 

3. This is Maddy from Portland. You can open this Maddinka . Because it's green and this is simple. Look, i really love the skirts! :) That's Zara skirt and  H&M top. 

Yeay, this is the end of the review today. Pray for me, so as soon as possible i can have my own look. But before that, i will review some looks that i really inspired :)

Happy sunday ! :) 

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