. Love Simple Green: Ada Apa Di Kota Kita At JCC Event

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ada Apa Di Kota Kita At JCC Event

This is my office booth! Yeay, we called the website is www.dikotakita.com. Officialy, this is my first event. Really fun! Because i meet a lot of people, i have a new friends, i can laugh and stress together! :)

And this is our photo booth. Last day, there was a little blonde girl came to me. She was really cute! So nice. Yeay, now i can feel, time really flies fast if we have so much fun. I fun, even is so tired. Really tired. Because, i have many things to do. But, some of things already done! Yeay!!

have a good time  :) Thanks God! 

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