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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's Twirl!

cherry dress


Wedges : UP, Dress: ITC Mangga Dua, Bag: Unbranded
Twirl the dress become addicted for me. I really love do a twirl my dress when I took a photo. Twirl is like a dancing. You moves your hips into the melody. It is so fun and always boosting my mood. So, today i will give you a tips how to twirl so good in front of the camera

1. Do fast. Keep moving and don't forget to starting count the time when you put a timer in to your camera. Then you will get the perfect angle. 
2. Do confidently. Don't be afraid to twirl! Just do it!
3. Do with a music. Let's pretend that you are in the dancing room.
4. Don't be shy!

Do you have another tips? I really like to hear it and i would try by myself. I swear! Let's share!

Anyway, dancing really great for your healthy and life. The studied found that dancing frequently was the greatest risk reduction of any activity, cognitive or physical. Good, right?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The part of happiness

When love come into your life, yes, it is look like a chocolate box. Maybe it is not easy, but full of something that you never expected. Something make you smile and something make you sad. In the end, you will understand that what love means.

So,here they are! My second movie, the love story from my friend, Mega, and her boyfriend, Roger. They will get married in the end of this year. I'm really happy for this couple.

Prewedding Video of Roger and Mega from williamcl on Vimeo.

If you want to read behind the scene from this movie, take a look here. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Call This The Memorable Moments!

Let's take a peek for behind the scene from my friend pre-wedding:

Twirl All The Time

Sneak peek my friends video pre-wedding behind the scene!


My last Sunday was fun. I helped my old friends made a pre-wedding video. Not just helping her, i made a script for her. Wow, i really excited for my new freelance job. Thank you for my ex-workmate, Devi, who give this opportunity for me. And thank you for William, the photographers and videographer, who already make my little dream come true. Yes, that's true, i always dreaming to make a movie someday. A short movie and i become a script writer. So happy.

So, can you imagine how i feel that i look all this dream come true? Yes, i trully happy. I think i'm ready for the next challenge. Well, you can see my first movie in here.

If you need a pre wedding script writer, please contact me in irenewibowo25@gmail.com, i really happy to help you make a story. Don't miss the sneak peek from my second video!

And i want to tell you guys this "Let's take a dance and TWIRL! :)"

twirl dress
Shoes : Vinci, Dress : Ezra by Zalora, Hat : H&M

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don't think, just look, and take a dance


red dress

Dress : Unbranded, Bag : Yogyakarta, Shoes : IWEARUP

I just realize how happy i am to wear a dresses. This one is my favorite. Even i don't like red, but this is so perfect. Don't you think?

So, yesterday, i just watched the finale episode from HIMYM. Before i watched, i read the reviews from some articles. (yeay, i loved the spoiler) But this one, i hated it! From the first time i knew that Ted will be together (again!) with Robin, it breaks my heart so bad. I swore that i will never watched that episode. But, i broke my swore and i watched it. Yeay, it was a bad ending ever. Why? Because Ted and Robin were not good together. Ted is too nice for Robin and Robin were broke Ted heart so many time.

Then, in the night, i wrote my opinion in here. ( you can read all of my thoughts in there.)

Well, basically, maybe they have a reason to make the mother death and Ted back again with Robin. So, i think i can accepted even i'm not happy.

That makes me realized, HIMYM was not the best series ever. Still, Friends is my number one.  But, yeay, i learned a lot from this series. :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't let...

'Things', sometimes become bigger then you thought. But remember, you are big enough to handle that. Everything will be under control. So, don't let 'things' make you feel down. You just need to prove to yourself that you will be a legendary!

You never been a legendary unless someone saw you. -Barney Stintson- 

So, let yourself see you that how awesome you are!

Monday, March 24, 2014

When Flower Meet Pink



Wedges : UP, Dress : Cache Cache, Sweater : Zara

Lately, day is really great. I feel a little bit happy (i don't know why). I can't stop smiling. But somehow, i realized, i hated people around me ( i mean the stranger). Not always, i mean. Sometime they really looks like a 'monster'. Especially when i was in the bus. Then, i become to be like them. Yeay, i really hated!

Well, in some point, i learned about something. Maybe, when you lived in this really big world, what you need to do is spread the love. No matter how tired are you, maybe you just need to smile with them. That's the power of giving. We are a human. We need another people. So, i think the hardest part in this live, not about love or hate, but it is about how you can be honest with yourself that you need another people. From that, you will do anything to respect other. It just what I thought. Anyway, Happy Monday! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Just Know




Bag : From Yogyakarta, Heels : Up, Skirt : Unbranded

When everything seems not good, what you can look is the blur one.
When you think you are okay, what you can see is the worst one.
When you said to your life that would be fine, what you can hear is the bad one.
Turns out, you can't lie to yourself.
There is a time that would give you an answer.
What you need is to wait.
The perfect time is coming to you.

Well, this little poem is the part of sentences that came out when i saw those photos. I can't said it was really perfect. But what i can said is that photos make me happy. 

Somehow, you need to be patience to get what you want. The time can't lie to you. When it means to be, it will mean to be. Maybe the time when everything seems blur is the time that you will found out about the life. Something that you really knew from the first time. Here i am. Look those photo. I got the perfect pose with perfect angle. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

When Life is So Simple

I always want to tell the stories. But i still not a good storyteller. Or maybe i am but in others way. So, here is what i will tell you about my thoughts on this dress.

Wedges UP, Dress Zalora, Shirt F21

Maybe you don't need to think really hard to find out about life.
Maybe you don't need to look too far to know what you want.
Maybe you don't need to care too much what people think.
Maybe you just need to know how simple life is.
You don't need to push your life so hard.
Maybe you just need to open your eyes to look it.
Life is not blind.
Love also.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Full of Love



Dress : Zalora, Wedges : UP, Bag : Online

When it is love, you will express it. This is how i express love. With dancing and playing.